Reality TV Music

These days, there is a huge market for reality television. This unique category started out with the best intentions -- bring reality to the small screen -- but has now come to a point where the reality is typically pretty far removed from the actual plot of these shows. It’s always fun to try to guess how much of reality TV is reality and how much is scripted.

Regardless of what is real or fake when it comes to reality TV, there is still an incredibly large audience for this type of entertainment. From dating shows to adventure quests, there are so many different variations on the genre. Because there are so many different types of reality TV, there is a need for multiple types of reality TV production music. At TunEdge, we offer a vast music licensing library to fit the various needs of multiple types of productions. One particular area of our library that has a lot of niche tracks is our reality TV music licensing library.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some various types of reality TV, and the best types of music these shows should be paired with.

Dramatic Reality TV Music

A popular genre in the reality TV family is the drama series. Of course there is always room for drama on television, but when it is real, it adds another layer. How does this affect the key players in real life? Some of the individuals involved in these reality TV drama shows are actual, related to, or romantically involved with very high-profile celebrities.

Take the popular Keeping up with the Kardashians series. The show has been on the air for more than a decade and is still going strong. Not only does this reality TV show have a long and dedicated audience, it has turned what was a relatively under-the-radar family of wealth into a group of international celebrities. Many of them have gone on to have extremely fruitful careers in various industries outside of the reality series. There have even been spin-off reality TV series (eight of them to be exact) created to complement the Keeping Up with the Kardashians series, including Khloe & Lamar, I am Cait and Rob & Chyna.

There are many dramatic moments in this popular show, as well as others like it, such as “The Real Housewives of…” franchise. It’s important to have the right dramatic reality tv music licensing in place so you can highlight scenes properly for maximum audience appreciation. Our drama & mischief collection offers many tracks to fit this type of footage. You can also access tracks specific to that “Housewives” vibe, and of course we also have reality TV drama tracks and reality TV heavy drama tracks.

Reality TV Mischief

When someone is up to no good, the soundtrack behind their shenanigans truly sets the scene. Let’s face it -- no matter how well you edit a scene of comedic or mischievous reality TV footage together, if the music attached to it doesn’t fit, the audience will be left feeling very confused. It’s difficult to find that delicate balance between showing a mischievous scene, but keeping it light enough to be comedic - if in fact that is the end game.

Take, for example, the long-running reality TV series, Survivor. One of the main factors within the show is the “hidden immunity idol.” Contestants will sneak off in the middle of the night, digging through the lush forest, hunting for one of these coveted prizes. Sometimes they will find it and have a triumphant win, while other times the contestant will find him or herself on a hilarious goose chase, with other contestants are following right behind, trying to make sure that if they do find it, they can ruin the secret.

Another example of a mischievous TV moment can easily be found in popular Bravo reality TV hit Vanderpump Rules. This show is full of lies and cheating, as well as many a funny moment amongst the restaurant staff. Imagine a bunch of beautiful people, all working together around a lot of booze and hormones. A lot of hearts are broken, and a lot of mischief takes place. It is definitely a show that is driven by the production music and background music to lift up each scene.

TunEdge has a great collection of reality TV mischief music perfect for occasions just like these! Contact us and we’ll set you up with a fair and clear music licensing contract just right for this type of reality TV music.

Reality TV on Netflix

We all love a good binge-watching session, and reality TV is great for this lazy afternoon activity. You can drown in 12-14 episodes of drama, mischief, comedy and intrigue. And if you check out reality TV on Netflix, you do not have to wait week-by-week to see the storyline progress.

One of the stand-out reality TV shows on Netflix in 2017 was The Keepers. This dramatic documentary series follows interviews and dramatic recreations surrounding the disappearance and probable murder of Sister Cathy, a Catholic school teacher. Reality TV drama tracks were used time and time again throughout this incredible documentary reality TV series.

And if you love food, you’ll love binge-watching Parts Unknown with the brash, but lovable Anthony Bourdain. He takes you all around the world, on extreme adventures, trying unique activities and very exotic foods. As of 2017, there were 8 of the 9 seasons available for viewing on Netflix.

If you’re into cars, the long-running show Top Gear now has 5 out of their impressive 24 seasons from the series on Netflix. This was a BBC show in the 70s, but has now been recreated in the U.S. and is hosted by Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans. This show features a mixture of news, challenges and car facts for the automotive aficionado. If you are looking for Netflix reality shows that will give you inspiration for automotive promos, then we have some top notch music licensing options for you.

Finally, there’s Undercover Boss - a truly unique reality TV series that follows high-ranking business officials, often CEOs or owners of major companies, altering their appearances and going undercover in the lower-ranking positions within their corporations. This gives them a chance to see how things are being run on the ground floor -- often uncovering both silent heroes as well as majorly problematic individuals within their company. The way everyone involved reacts when the true identity of the CEO is revealed can create some truly great reality TV moments.

All of these shows are excellent choices for a great binge night in the world of reality TV on Netflix. Which shows are your favorite?

Reality TV Music Competitions

One of the most popular types of reality TV is the reality TV music competition. This was one of the first types of competition-based reality TV shows with long-running hits like American Idol. This show was so popular that it actually went off the air, and was brought back just a couple of years later.

To top it off, many people who have competed on this show have become huge entertainment stars, such as the winner of the first season Kelly Clarkson, who is now a many times over Grammy winner, and also holds more than 100 hits on the Billboard charts. And of course there is Jennifer Hudson who came in 7th during the 3rd season of the reality TV series, and is now a Grammy, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner. She has returned to reality TV music competitions as a judge on the latest season of The Voice in 2017.

The Voice was actually created, in part, to combat the viewpoint that reality TV music shows were entirely scripted, reality tv casting was rigged, and only beautiful, or at least interesting-looking people, would make it through -- many people felt that lots of contestants were passed over for being overweight, or generally unattractive, while their incredible singing voice was ignored.

On The Voice, 4 music professionals sit with their back to the stage while various contestants belt out their best musical auditions. If one, or more, of the professionals like what they hear, then they can turn their chair around, and choose to be a coach to that singer. These auditions are referred to as “blind auditions” because the coaches have no idea what the singer looks like until they decide to take a chance and choose them. The competition then whittles down, first by coaches pick, and then inevitably handing off the main vote to America. The competition has been reproduced in multiple other countries as well.

Reality TV Music Library

Due to the extreme popularity of reality music television, it’s important that as a television producer you have access to a vast reality TV music licensing library. Be sure to incorporate all types of reality TV production music as well as sound FX and reality TV background music.

Keep in mind that different types of shows will have varied themes and call for many types of music to create the right mood. You never want to alienate any type of audience because you cannot find the right music.

With this in mind, once your reality TV show productions are ready to be wrapped up in a neat little bow and sent off for distribution, be sure to finalize your production with the right music. Contact us at TunEdge and we’ll put you on the right path!