Know Why Tunedge is One of the Best Music Licensing Companies?

Distinct. Premium. Quality music and sounds. Easily Accessible. Entertainment, video, industry and licensing expertise. All words to describe Tunedge Music Services.

We continue to produce, develop, refine and unleash music and technology that makes us the licensing leader and allows us to stay ahead of other music licensing companies. We take the hassle “OUT” of music search.
With over 21 years of experience in the music licensing industry, Tunedge provides music for major television networks, motion picture films, NFL sports teams, and Reality TV shows. Tunedge is, has always been, and will always be the best music licensing company around.

What makes Tunedge Music Services Special?

Tunedge was started by two heavy hitters with major industry expertise. Since that time the company has grown and evolved to include music and licensing experts located across the globe. Paramount, Warner Bros., MGM, ABC, Kraft Sports and Entertainment Group are a few among the company’s regular clients.
Tunedge is a unique, one-of-a-kind music licensing company. The Tunedge team has a remarkable ear for creating the perfect sounds you need for that special project to excite audiences worldwide.
Tunedge understands it can be hard to find quality music full of the perfect expression you need to take your custom project to the next level. Free music licensing sites with royalty-free music offer hundreds of tracks created by music producers who may not have the trained ear, industry know how, or understand the sensitive issues of synchronization and copyright laws. Tunedge takes the guesswork and complications out of your music licensing search.
Giving you access to a huge collection of music at your fingertips, Tunedge brings music licensing straight to your desktop, laptop, ipad, or mobile phone. When on the movie set or working on a major production, convenience and ease always rules. Tunedge takes the guess work out of your commercial music licensing search and puts flavor and spice back in.
Commercial music can be complicated. As one of the best music licensing sites around the world, our online music library is filled with sounds and vibes music listeners love to hear! Our Tunedg team has put together a customized playlist of over 150 genres ranging from from Sports Video, Country, Hip Hop, Reality TV, NBA, NFL, Retail and more.

Who Is Tunedge?

Brandon D’Amore and Joel Thatcher, the company’s current masterminds, both bring decades of production and radio editing experience to Tunedge. They are each passionate about making music.
What sets Brandon and Joel apart from others is that they use their knowledge and understanding of what producers and editors are looking for to make online music search quick, easy, intuitive and friendly.
The Tunedge family takes the work out of the search for music making it a pleasure instead of a job. We cut down the time it takes to find music. Our team is innovative, cutting edge and always working to improve the site for their clients and customers.
Brandon D’Amore, one of the original masterminds behind Tunedge success, is a musician and composer who found his permanent home in the world of digital audio production. Brandon was fortunate to be on the scene when rudimentary digital recording and editing just became a reality on large systems such as the Synclavier. Throughout the 1980’s, he not only rode the wave of recording and music technology but also participated in its development.
While working for various studios in New York, he became a beta tester for New England Digital’s, developing their line of equipment starting with Post Pro. His experience utilizing the equipment writing music for commercial and television production resulted in modifications that were incorporated into the device.
Eventually his expertise took him to Los Angeles to adapt a Synclavier purchased by ABC into a machine that could make radio programs. A number of hurdles had to be overcome, but in the end, he delivered radio’s first all-digital show, "American Top 40". The technology allowed ABC to make custom versions of the show for various markets and clients, increasing revenues without additional costs.
When ABC moved their production facilities to Dallas, D’Amore took over the studios and created his own company, Brandon D’Amore Productions (BDP). The studio continues to produce syndicated programs including "The World Chart Show" which is broadcast on hundreds of top radio stations in over 45 countries.
In addition, he has focused his own considerable musical talents composing production music packages for use by radio and TV stations around the world. His two current libraries, "Invasion" and "Supercharger" contain over 2,500 music compositions and sound effects and are utilized by over 350 stations in 23 countries.
Joel Thatcher, Tunedge Sr. VP Of Sales, has worked in broadcast since 1993. Working for US nationally syndicated radio shows “The Greaseman Show” and “After Midnite Weekends” as a producer, Joel established himself as a leader in the field. Two years later, in 1995, his passion for music production and licensing ignited. He began producing radio station jingle packages and music later working for Infinity Broadcasting, Premiere Broadcasting, Mann Radio Group and finally, Tunedge.
Most recently, Tunedge designed and created an Online music search and management system which was released the 2st quarter of 2017.

How Can Tunedge Help?

Tunedge understands how hard it can be to find quality music full of the perfect expression you need to take your custom project to the next level. Free music licensing sites offer hundreds of tracks created by music producers who may not have the trained ear, industry know how, or understand the sensitive issues of synchronization and copyright laws. Tunedge takes the guesswork and complications out of your music licensing search.
Here is a list of just a few things the Tunedge best online music catalog has to offer you:

Music Licensing For Film

Looking for the best film music licensing company? Music licensing for films is a critical part of making a box office hit or successful indie film debut. Like film professionals, Tunedge knows that video editing takes time. Making a film calls for a film professional with a keen eye for detail who understands how to create the perfect scenes with high impact sound effects. Tunedge allows film experts to focus on meeting important deadlines and making great films.

Music Licensing For Television

Tunedge music is constantly featured on HBO, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, BBC, VH-1 and many more. Projects like Empire, The Big Bang Theory, MacGuyver, House, Glee, Man with a Plan, Kevin Can Wait and other major prime time tv shows regularly turn to Tunedge. The best music licensing for tv spots captures the perfect mood to connect with your audience and keep them tuning in. We have 100s of songs to choose from. Check them out now!

Music Licensing For Radio

The Tunedge online music library has hot music production for radio advertising and On-Air promos. Radio editing takes skill and time. Tunedge knows this. Every month the best we put together new music to keep up-to-pace with the needs of radio professionals, radio stations, advertising agencies, radio ads and syndication throughout the globe. Search our catalog now to the find the best radio music licensing available.

Music Licensing For Video

Need music for your next video? Great music can make the difference between capturing the viewer’s attention, gaining a social share, or making it in front of the customers you are looking to reach. We get tons of emails from video editors who want to make sure they do not violate by infringing or that their project does not run into legal issues in the future. Frustrated with the process, the turn to the best video music licensing company to take the “worry out of the work they love to do.” Video editors “LOVE THE MUSIC” and come back over and over again knowing we will deliver on our promise of quality, distinction, and excellent music.

Music Licensing For Video Games

Do you know who video game designers turn to when creating video games to entertain and play for hours of fun? Video game characters come to life with driving, energetic tracks that resonate with music video game editors and creators. The best video game music licensing companies know that not just any music or free licensing sounds will cut it. Tunedge Music Services is the best video game music licensing company to provoke action, imagination and draw your gamer into a virtual reality adventure. Listen now!

Who Does Tunedge Serve?

Tunedge music knows no boundaries. Our tunes travel any and everywhere directly to where ears perk up, audiences pay attention and hearts listen. This is why Tunedge clients “LOVE THE MUSIC!”
Television producers, radio personalities, film executives, music supervisors, sports video editors, gamers and brands throughout the world can’t stop searching our catalog. Companies and clients keep asking how to make Tunedge tracks a part of their next big project.

Tunedge serves clients in the following markets:

New York, NY San Francisco-Oak-San Jose, CA Detroit, MI
Los Angeles, CA Boston (Manchester), MA Seattle-Tacoma, WA
Nashville, TN Hartford & New Haven, CT Baltimore, MD
San Diego, CA San Antonio, TX Columbus, OH
Chicago, IL Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Atlanta, GA
Philadelphia, PA Phoenix (Prescott), AZ Houston, TX
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), FL Washington, DC
Denver, CO Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Cleveland Akron (Canton), OH Denver, CO Portland, OR
Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL Pittsburgh, PA Charlotte , NC Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle), NC
Indianapolis, IN Las Vegas, NV Kansas City, KS
Salt Lake City Milwaukee, WI Cincinnati, OH Oklahoma City Austin, TX
Greenvllle, NC Louisville, KY Memphis, TN West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL
Jacksonville, FL Birmingham, AL Albuquerque, NM
If you are looking for premium commercial music licensing coupled with industry knowledge, passion, and inside experience, contact Tunedgetoday. You can search hundreds of musical genres now!