New Funk, Country and Retro Production Music

Today's updates are full of diversity.  Starting below, with two styles of Retro Rock Production Music then Funky Production Music and followed last by Country Production Music.  Each of these updates have various lengths and Full and Reduced versions. High School Ska High School Ska - Full (Description: Confident, Bouncy, Motion, Energy, Youth, Teen, Surf, Summer, Happy, Breezy, Positive, [...]

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Funky Rock, Patriotic, Rock Stabs Production Music

Production Music released today is Funky Rock Production Music, Patriotic Production Music and Rock Stabs Production Music.  To hear the Production Music updates released today listen below. One Hundred Mile Pitch One Hundred Mile Pitch (Description: Funky, Upbeat, Masculine, Edgy, Percussive, Driving, Determined, Aggressive, Bold, Hard, Heavy, Action, Energy, Sports, Building, Extreme Sports, Film & TV - Action, Rock [...]

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New Funky Hip Hop Production Music

TunEdge Production Music Library has release the following track today. Cool Tea Cool Tea (Description: Ambient, Soulful, Bouncy, Cool, Slick, Laidback, Mellow, Groove, Funky, Electro, Confident, Ambient, Funk, Hip Hop - Beats, R&B) If you are looking for Production Music for your project, or have questions about getting a Synchronization License for the above track or any of [...]

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What Does Adult Comedy Sitcom Music Sound Like?

What does Adult Comedy Sitcom Music sound like?  Well the TunEdge Music Library has a wide selection of Adult Comedy Sitcom Music available for licensing.  Below you can view and listen to a sample of the Adult Comedy Sitcom Production Music you will find in the TunEdge Online Production Music Catalog. When listening to [...]

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Fun And Funky Music

Everyone loves Fun and Funky Music.  There is nothing like a few good horns and some funky guitar riffs to brighten your day.  The Fun and Funky Production Music in the video below features just a few of the Fun and Funky Music tracks you can find in the TunEdge Production Music Catalog. These [...]

What is Kitsch Music? What Does Kitsch Commercial Retail Music Sound Like?

What is Kitsch?  Well the definition for something Kitsch means that it is something gaudy, unsubstantial but has a popular appeal.  In a Musical sense Kitsch Music or should we say Kitsch Production Music is characteristic by a sound that is; cheesy, rinky-dinky, bombastic, whimsical, fun, and playful.  In the Film and Video industry something Kitsch [...]