The Reality TV Hip Hop Music genre has all the Hip Hop elements you want.

Reality TV Hip Hop Music

Reality TV Hip Hop Music – Highlight Montage

Opposite to the other Reality TV genres this genre is characterized by dramatic but bouncy hip hop. Furthermore one will find both upbeat and slow tempo tracks.  Finally one will find these compositions are stylized by both suspense and drama.

Besides finding Reality TV Drama Production Music in the TunEdge Music Library our clients find other helpful genres to search, like;

  • Polka
  • Exercise Workout
  • 90’s Dance & Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop Classic
  • Education
  • Patriotic
  • Retail Cool Ads Highlight
  • Sports Football
  • Sports Retrospective
  • Vacation
  • Dub Step Hard
  • Video Games
  • Dub Step Hybrid
  • Drum & Bass Funk
  • 70’s
  • Lounge
  • Surf Retro

While this is by means not the entire list one can see the diversity.