Artist Album - Dark Heros

Thematically inspired, the Dark Hero album shows life struggles and how to overcome defeat. Dark solemn beats and edgy gritty rock inspire the music lover to keep fighting.


"The Hero Awakes," starts the album with it's "edge" and "grit." Dark Hero takes the listener through a journey.  At some point, everyone faces a life challenge. With the strength found only within, a hero emerges.


As abruptly as Dark Hero starts, it slows.  The album's second song, "Bring Me To Life" is a solemn, yet heavy rock rendition that brings hope.  Lyrics portray the sorrow of defeat and challenge of self resurrection despite surmounting odds.


Slick lyrics shift the album's mood from rock to gritty rap. Confident driving determined beats can be found in the third track, "Beast Mode."  This song tells the story of how adversity brings out the beast within.  It also motivates the listening audience to "Never Give Up and Never Give In."


The "Dark Hero" album is not just dark and solemn, but also "confident" and "bold."  "I Won't Back Down" continues the theme letting you know you can defy the odds and overcome any challenge.

This musical collection is both stimulating and optimistic encouraging all to fight back and stand strong.  


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